Comtech-Links specialises in marine, satellite and radar equipment. We aim to provide the best products to help you in your maritime business to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Realising communication is important in maritime industry. It is even more important in the 21st century when shipping business needs to run efficiently and deliveries need to be made on an exact day and time.

We specialise in satellite, radar and marine equipment. Our company was set up because the Far East has an economy growth which is the fastest in the world and has over five trillion dollars of trade passing through the South East Sea each year.

For the shipping industry in South East Asia to be effective it requires good communication and safety. This is why it is our priority to ensure the marine and communication equipment is taken to where it needs to be as punctually and efficiently as possible.

We offer a competitive price to customers and provide solutions, safety and GPS for use in remote locations outside terrestrial networks.

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